Shay is the best you deserve more than 5 stars. You helped me a lot from pre approval to closing. Now I’m officially homeowners Highly recommended — Ronsard

1 year ago
Ronsard Masadi
Monroe, Ohio

Shay was incredibly awesome. He took the time out of busy schedule even at home to talk to me over the phone and explain to me how to aquire all of the proper paper work and necessary things that I needed to purchase my home. He worked at a continuous fast pace in making sure everything was done smoothly and in timely manner. I can never thank him enough for being absolutely great and on top of the purchase of my new home. Thanks a lot Shay Hensley you're fantastic. I tell others I know whom are looking to purchase a home all about him.

1 year ago
Lou Lou Simpson

As a first time buyer, there were a lot of ups and downs that i was not aware of when going through this process. Shay was there every step of the way making sure i had everything needed for my home loan. He was always there to answer questions and replied in a timely manner. He made this rough process work as smoothly as possible. Thanks for all you do!

1 year ago
Cassydy Dawson

I am first time buyer I did not know anything but Shay help me with everything from starting to ending I just want to say thank you very much my father dream come true!

1 year ago
Tanka Pokhrel